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Posted by kr8to - April 16th, 2009


Posted by kr8to - April 1st, 2009

keep ng like this for months :D LOL look at the faces !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Posted by kr8to - September 23rd, 2008

Hello, Welcome to my personal Newgrounds web page!

Bio: I moved from Michigan to Alabama recently, as of now I'm relatively neutral about this move. Other then being away from my friends and family, Alabama really isn't all that bad. I live in the beautiful and clean Hoover, Alabama. Among all other things i enjoy swimming, drawing pictures, and last but not least, video games.

Career: Currently I am interested in being a concept artist, they are the people who come up with the concept ideas for games and vehicles. One key requirement is that you can draw, if you got that down, and of course an education, then this job is for you. I am planning on being a video game concept artist, frankly because i have a hard time drawing cars.

History: This is not my only Newgrounds account, my alternative account is Whermacht I have a few hundred posts on it at the moment. Unfortunately i have been banned a few times, who hasn't? My longest ban was for three months and that was because i spammed a Pedobear in the threads. What can I say, it was fun. Oh also I have re-made my profile, the way it was before just seemed to...Old? I had allot of stupid and borderline gay pictures and stuff on my profile, And no it wasn't guy's kissing or penises but my profile pictures were just to, colorful.

Goals: I have a few goals or milestones i want to reach someday. Here are my NewGround goals.
Level: 20+
Rank: Supreme Commander
Whistle Status: Out of "Garbage" and into Deity.
BBS Posts: 1000+
Flash Reviews: 250
Music Reviews: 250


If you feel obligated to leave a comment please keep it friendly because, well, i like friendly comments. Other then that have fun and good luck with the comments.

P.s. - Check out my flash videos, I know that they are bad but I'm sure you will like them allot.

P.s.s. - Give my flashes a Five out of Five, thank you.

Oh yea enjoy this nice and interesting loading icon below, isn't it great!

Welcome to my NewGrounds Web Page!